700+ Best Funny WiFi Names Of Router Network SSID (For Home, Shop, Office) To Shock Everyone In 2018

Do you searching for some best and cool funny WiFi names for your WiFi router? Do you want to shock peoples with your WiFi name. Then you are in the right place.

Because in this article we are going to share some cool, funny, best and creative WiFi names. So let’s enjoy.

In 2018, internet becomes one of most important thing in the world. Now internet is one of the most valuable things in Human’s life like food, water and clothes.

Almost all people in this universe surfing the internet in 2018 and it’s increasing gradually.

Every young boys and girls has an internet connection and they loves to surf the high-speed internet. So they are using Broadband internet connection and to use the broadband connection and to surf it they also uses a WiFi router. In this creative world there are many creative peoples who uses funny WiFi names to make the name cool and creative.

After buying a new WiFi router, the first thing we have to do is change the name of the WiFi router network SSID. Many of us just set the WiFi name with our name or work place name. Read this article to know how to change WiFi name of a router.

But there are many creative people who want to set a unique WiFi name for their router. For that we search for Best WiFi names on google.

Finding a creative or unique WiFi name for your router is very difficult. It’s very hard to think a cool WiFi name for your router.

But don’t worry because in this article I’m going to share with you the best, unique, coll, funny WiFi names with you. So stay tuned.

Best Funny WiFi Names Of Router Network SSID (For Home, Shop, Office) To Shock Everyone In 2018

There are many creative peoples who can think beyond your imagination and can think creative names. So I’m going to share with you the best collection of those creative WiFi names.

There are many WiFi names generator tools in the market but they are not very good at all. They just ask you to put 2-3 words inside it and then they combines the words to generate some WiFi names for you.

So lets dive in to the best collection of cool and funny WiFi names for your router. I bet you that these names will surely shock your neighbors.

funny wifi names

Cool And Funny WiFi Names List for Router Network SSID

Here in this section I’m going to share some funny and Cool WiFi names for your router.

  • he Net starring Sandra Bullock
  • NoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking
  • Bad Error 313: Disconnect
  • NoFreeSoGetStuffed
  • Use This One Mom
  • Ha Ha next time lock your router
  • Pick Up Your Dog Crap
  • Feel Like Flying
  • TellMyWifiLoveHer
  • Why Are You Here
  • Haha you have no internet connection!
  • Please Wait…
  • Tyrion LANnister: the half-WAN
  • The Pingslayer
  • We Can Here You Havin S**!
  • Hot Wi
  • Lannister of Casterly Rock
  • Series of tubes
  • Titanic is Sinking
  • You are standing on a barren land
  • Gossip Queens
  • Angel Online
  • We can talk whole day without taking break
  • Bakar Point
  • Bin Bihaya Wi-Fi
  • Tu Mera Wi-Fi Main Tera PASSWORD
  • Chaska ha yaha nu password la ke rakhan da
  • YourDogShitsInMyYard

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Clever WiFi names list for Router Network SSID

These are the best collection of clever WiFi names which will shock your neighbours.

  • Zelda a Linksys to the Past
  • NSA Listening Post
  • Sorry for loud cex
  • Stop Hacking Me
  • YerBabyIsReallyUgly
  • Use Your Own Wifi
  • Your Bathroom Shower Needs New Tiles
  • The Tree Of Wifi
  • Your phone is hacked
  • Zelda a Linksys to the Past
  • FreeWifi
  • Free for one day
  • last night with u
  • Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons
  • Last night I saw you n*ked
  • [email protected] Your Phone
  • I’m Watching You Now
  • Will U marry Me?
  • Network Error Found
  • Prohibited Area
  • I’m too sexy
  • Virus infected Wi-Fi
  • Password is You
  • Bang Bang!
  • Wi-fi is Coming

funny wifi names

Best Funny WiFi Names For Cafe

If you own a cafe and offers free WiFi then in this section I have some awesome and creative WiFi names which will shock your customers.

  • Cafe+Wifi+Friends= Enjoy
  • Cafe+Wifi= All in one
  • This is Cafe Not Copy
  • Cafe+Wifi= All in one
  • Drop it Like a Hotspot
  • Let me Know How was the Coffee
  • 1 Cup Cofee for WiFi Pass
  • Room for Mooch
  • The Perking Lot
  • working4nothing
  • Uncle_Touchys_Game_Room
  • Caffe-Fi
  • Cafe or WiFi
  • Make Your Own
  • Get It Fast
  • What’s The Order
  • Time Up Visit Again
  • First Pay Then Stay
  • Pay For Me
  • Get Your Own
  • What’s The Order
  • Hunger or WiFi
  • Tea, Coffee or WiFi
  • Get into it!! It’s Free
  • Ok Use it Last Time
  • Anything Else Sir?

Funny WiFi Names For Shop

These are some best collection of funny and clever WiFi names which will shock your customers.

  • Shop with internet Hunger
  • Sweet is Cheaper then Wifi
  • Five-star Shop
  • You Pay Now
  • Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
  • Virus Infected WiFi
  • Don’t even try it
  • Dare To Connect
  • Your Downloading will cancel
  • Charges May Apply
  • Pole Wants The Hole
  • Hacked
  • PC Might be Cracked
  • Don’t Dare to Connect
  • Tap Connect and Ready To Die
  • Ok Think What’s The Password
  • Come Home and Join WiFi
  • You Have To Pay For It
  • Noobs Not Allowed

funny wifi names

Best Creative WiFi names for office

In this section I have for you some of the best collections of funny, creative, awesome WiFi names to shock your employees.

  • Office-Office
  • Pay and Use
  • Work or
  • No-brainer
  • Offline Mode on
  • Offline Work Required
  • Work Hard or Will Be Fired
  • Sky Lab-Fi
  • 99 problems but wifi ain’t one
  • Default
  • NSA Drone #3
  • Desperate housewifi
  • Homeland Security
  • Pentagon
  • Boss Area
  • Area 32 restricted
  • Paisa Boss Dega
  • Keep On Download
  • Keep Claim Use WiFi
  • Boss is Here
  • Loading………
  • Work in Peace
  • Fired Don’t Connect
  • Boss Permission Required
  • Password Wrong
  • Not Connected
  • Try Again
  • TellMyWifiSaidhello

Funny And Shocking WiFi Names For Home To Shock Your neighbours

  • I’m WiFi, not You GF! OK?
  • Z Level Security
  • Tap Connect and Ready To Die
  • Ok Think What’s The Password
  • Neighbour’s Prohibited
  • Disconnect & Forget Password
  • WiFi From Asgard
  • Clever Wi-Fi Network Names
  • Please Connect for Identity Theft
  • Special Wifi Shoop
  • I’m Your BF’s Father
  • 33 TB/Sec Speed Only
  • Come Home and Join WiFi
  • You Have To Pay For It
  • WiFu*K
  • I’m Yours GF’s Father
  • God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!
  • Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  • All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
  • The Promised LAN
  • 33 TB/Sec Speed Only
  • funny wifi names

Nerdy WiFi Names For Shocking Your Neighbour

  • Karen’s Network
  • To Create a Soul
  • Join For $10
  • Trusted Network
  • Join My LAN
  • Si-Fi With Wi-Fi
  • Connect and Die
  • Not Free $1/Hour
  • Issue Found
  • Under Surveillance
  • Shin Chai Fi
  • Cool Nerds Bay
  • You’re AllNoobs
  • Flake Town
  • Hold You Place
  • Enter the Dragon’s Network
  • Ouch…sat on my nutz
  • Hot Mess Hub
  • Hotter then Hell
  • Move Your Asssss!!!
  • Limited Users Allowed
  • Request Is Mandatory
  • Push Harder Then Yesterday
  • Don’t type Wi-Fi Password
  • Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  • InternetCosts$
  • Password is Cool

Best And Funny WiFi Names For Club

  • Free WiFi(Only For Girls)
  • Get Off My LAN
  • Use Your Own Wifi
  • Don’t Waste Your Time
  • First Pay Then Use
  • I Don’t Know Password
  • Wifi Baba
  • Get into it!! It’s Free
  • Network Founded
  • You Declined
  • Don’t Use My Wifi
  • Possibly Connected
  • Wait, Someone is Already Their
  • Make Your Own
  • Get It Fast
  • Open Till 10 PM
  • Hello!! People
  • The Tree Of Wifi
  • Virus Detected! Do Not Join
  • Fresh n Up!!!
  • Call me

So, these are some awesome and funny WiFi names for your router network SSID. I hope you enjoyed this article. If so then let me know by dropping a comment below.

And also If you have some creative WiFi names ideas then comment them below.

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